You know it and I know it. Beer doesn’t last forever. No matter how much you wish it so, beers will turn eventually. That day may be sooner rather than later if you don’t store it properly. The biggest enemies to the flavor of a beer are exposing it to air, light and warm temperatures.

Rule #1 – Upright is right

Do not lay your bottle on it’s side. There is air in the can/bottle and laying it on its side exposes more of the beer to this trapped air. Whereas if it is upright a minimal amount is exposed. Less air contact means less oxidation of the beer which means the flavor lasts longer.

Rule #2 – Keep it in the fridge

Like your milk or cheese, the life of a beer is elongated if you put it the fridge as soon as you buy it. The lifespan of a typical beer is about three months and that clock starts ticking right when its made. Slow the aging process by keeping it at 38 degrees F.

Rule #3 – Hello darkness, my old friend

Light is the enemy of beer. Both sunlight and fluorescent light can cause a beer to turn. If you don’t have a fridge to store your beer in, at least make sure it is stored in a cool, dark place, like a cellar.

Rule #4 – Know your beer

Not all beers have the same timeline. Alcohol content level, style of beer and pasteurization are all factors of how long a beer can last. Beers high in hops, like IPAs, turn quickly! Most craft breweries do not pasteurize their beers, so they have a shorter shelf life. Lastly, if the ABV level of a beer is 8% or higher then there’s no rush to drink it. You could have up to a year to drink it before it turns. Although, if it takes a year for you to drink a bottle of beer, maybe beer isn’t your thing.

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