Marcos Canchola

Marcos grew up around a bar. His grandparents had a huge house in El Paso with a bar in the basement. His cousin’s and Marcos would pretend to be bartenders for fun. Then when he was a senior in high school he would rent out bars in Juarez, Mexico and throw parties with

friends. His first job as a bartender was right before he turned 21 at Catfish Station on 6th street where he eventually became the general manager. He then decided to continue his education in accounting and took a job as a bartender at Houston’s Restaurant in Austin, where he met Brian. A couple years later after taking the job at Houston’s, Marcos opened Barfly’s with a friend. He then opened MugShots with Brian 15 years ago. Since then he has opened five other places with Brian.

“I like to joke my Bachelor’s degree was obtained at Catfish Station, my Master’s was at Houston’s Restaurant and now I’m working on my PhD at Hitmaker Brewing.” -Marcos